The Witch

by Warpriest



Standard doom fare song with a 4:30 long psychedelic solo in the middle. Lyrically it's about people who are controlling. They only have the power that we give them.


Her heart is black,
as a bottle of ink;
The pages she writes,
are filth, rot and stink.

Her mind is a den,
of vipers that hiss;
spawned from the gloom,
of the devil's abyss.

We give her the power,
that makes us all sick - she's the witch

Her lips are red,
stained with blood like wine;
She drinks with demons,
but thinks she's divine.

Her eyes are empty,
devoid of the light,
her soul's a cave,
that hold's the darkness tight

We give her the power,
that makes us all sick - she's the witch.

She works her magic,
through the art of fear;
But If you look deep,
There's nothing's there.

Stand your ground,
and don't give in;
Don't let the witch,
get under your skin!

©2013 Robert G. Wilson, Jr. - Warpriest


released October 21, 2013
Robert G. Wilson, jr.



all rights reserved


Warpriest Atlanta, Georgia

Warpriest is a one man metal project of artist Robert G. Wilson, Jr. (also known as "Death Is Gain" My musical roots consists of the great riff masters of the 70's. Bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were my core. Right now, I am trying to keep it simple: make the best music I can, on the cheap, and keep it sounding real. \m/ ... more

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